Supplier Information

In an effort to make our business relationship easier to manage and more productive, MarkWest is providing a set of purchasing and supply chain guidelines, requirements and documents. This package will provide address, business hour and contact information for all of our plant and pipe storage locations. The package will also provide MarkWest credit information, invoicing instructions, accounts payable contact information, freight policies and instructions, shipment documentation requirements, tax information, plant safety requirements, describe MarkWest’s request for quotation process and explain supplier insurance requirements.

Following these guidelines will allow for the prompt, timely and accurate processing of quotations, purchase orders and receiving documents and will help avoid any delays in processing your invoices. Our hope is that this information will make our business transactions flow smoother, avoid any unnecessary work and ultimately lower the cost of doing business for both of our companies.

MarkWest Liberty, Utica and Ohio Gathering Suppliers